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What is my story?

My name is Damian Petrov. I was born 16 August 1985 in the small town of Sevlievo, in the pre-Balkan of central northern Bulgaria. Drawing excites me from an early age and from a child I dream of becoming a great artist to leave his mark in the history of world art.

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Damyan Petrov - painter

From my early school years I started visiting artworks in my hometown with the artist Vasko Vassilev, where I soon became distinguished from other children with a special sense of art. My painting teachers persistently insisted on continuing my education in this direction and so I applied and accepted at the "Akademik Dechko Uzunov" Art School in the town of Kazanlak (one of the most prestigious schools of this type not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkan peninsula). There I met in detail the various types of fine arts - painting, graphics, sculpture. I gained a solid knowledge of composition and perspective. We have worked hard in the field of still life, landscape and figure composition. Soon, I had all the necessary education and confidence to make the next step in my development ...

After graduating from high school, I applied for National Хacclaimed Academy in Sofia and I was admitted in the "Graphics" specialty. This has been a milestone in my development as an artist. There I had the unique opportunity to learn from some of the greatest names in Bulgarian art. During my four years at the Academy I became acquainted with almost all graphic techniques and I have built great respect and attention to the detail that is characteristic of this type of art (some people will probably feel the specific graphic moments in my painting).


After my graduation in Sofia I returned to my hometown and experienced a rather difficult and confused period of my life. For more than two years I had been in a personal, creative and emotional crisis. Confusion, suspicion and uncertainty were my mind. During this period I did not paint, but something seemed to eat me inside. Now I think everything I went through then had the task of building, refining and awakening me for what I have to be. One day of occasional circumstances gave me the opportunity to become a teacher of fine art and once again to touch the world of art. Teacher's profession helped me to "wake up" and decide what I want to do. After two years of teaching, I realized that this was far from my calling. I felt deep within myself that my mission was another that I was created for something much bigger.

I've always loved watching the setting sun. This is a special moment for me. Changing the light. Warm colors that conquer space. The sense of eternity and transience that causes the sunset in me. I love nature and I have always been impressed by its beauty and authenticity. This is the reason to return to painting and, in particular, to landscape. Burning sunsets over rivers and mountains, lonely boats on the shore send the latest sun rays, Renaissance houses, churches and bridges silently stand up to the weather. These are the moments I feel in a particular way.

My mission is to help people through my art rediscover their true nature. To appreciate and experience the moment, to feel the eternity and beauty of the moment.

I want to provoke the observer to experience my paintings in my own way. To ask questions, to think, to feel, to interpret and to "complete" the picture of himself as he feels. For me, the most valuable thing is for everyone to use their personal vision and feelings. I like to make people think about my paintings, feel the moment before and the moment after, feel the hope and faith, nostalgia and love. To know and rediscover oneself. This is the greatest satisfaction for me.

Each of my paintings is a personal experience. I hope you can feel it too! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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