How to transport a picture

How to transport a painting?

Have you ever seen a picture? Have you ever wondered how to pack the work so as not to damage the transport? Do you know what are the mandatory terms and what documents are needed to avoid having trouble sending a picture by courier? Answers to these questions and how to transport a picture Read more aboutHow to transport a picture?[...]

How to frame a 1 picture

How to frame a wall painting?

You have chosen a suitable frame, but do not know how to frame a picture? Not sure what tools to use and how to approach the situation in order not to hurt the picture itself or the frame itself? In this article we will look at how to fasten the outer frame for the subframe as quickly as possible, securely, easily and firmly ... What will you do Read moreHow do you frame a wall painting?[...]

Pictures for a restaurant

Restaurant paintings - what do we need to know?

What are the specifics we need to know when choosing restaurant pictures? What is it obligatory to comply with and how to make an appropriate interior solution for our dining establishment? What are the most common mistakes and how to avoid them? The answers to these questions will be addressed in this article ... For Everyone Read more about Restaurant Papers - What do we need to know?[...]

How to paint a canvas for painting

How to primed a canvas for painting?

How and why should the canvas be primed before painting it with paints? What are the different options for priming, how can you prepare your primer yourself and what are the subtleties you need to know? The answers to these questions and how to get the canvas will be discussed in this article ... Why is the Primer Read more about How do you paint a canvas for painting?[...]

How to draw a canvas for painting a wooden subframe

How to to stretch a canvas for drawing?

Despite the vast array of ready-made, stretched and primed canvases, there are still artists who prefer to stretch them on their own. What are the basic subtleties when stretching a canvas and what to look out for? What tools are needed and when is it better to stretch your sails yourself? Answers to all of these Read more About How to Draw a Canvas for Drawing?[...]

Thoughts and citations of artists

Favorite thoughts and quotations of artists

What one of the greatest artists in history thinks about art. What are their views on creativity and how it affects man? Where is the boundary between art and mediocrity. Here are some of my favorite quotes from artists who have left an indelible mark on world art. "If the inner voice tells you that Read more about Lively thoughts and quotes from artists[...]

How my picture came to the president of Bulgaria

How could my picture be with the president of Bulgaria?

I will share an interesting story about a wonderful person who has accidentally appeared in my life and I am extremely grateful for this. I will tell you how my picture came to the President of Bulgaria. This is a story of kindness, gratitude and friendship ... How did everything begin? A few years ago in Sevlievo I met Read moreHow my picture came to the President of Bulgaria?[...]

A parable of the artist

A parable of the artist

Have you ever been criticized for what you are doing? Have you seen how people who do not understand something suddenly become "specialists" and find shortcomings in everything? I want to share a parable about the artist, which is very indicative of these situations ... Many years ago in India lived a good artist, Read more about the artist applet[...]

The sale of works of art

Picture - need or luxury?

Is art bought nowadays? Which works are preferred and what does demand look like? How can the economic situation affect the market? Is the image a luxury or a necessity and what are the most common myths about the sale of works of art? The answers to these questions can be found in this article ... The picture - Read more about the Kartina - Need or luxury?[...]

How to sell pictures on the internet

How do you sell paintings over the internet?

Do you have difficulty selling your paintings? Do you wonder how to better sell your works? How are paintings sold on the Internet and what are the principles that work today? How did globalization and technology development change the market and how to take advantage of the information age to reach more people with our Read more about How do you sell paintings over the internet?[...]

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