„I want everyone to have the opportunity to touch my art – regardless of financial capabilities. To reach the hearts of people to provoke their imagination, I could get them to stop for a moment and enjoy this moment of love and gratitude – that’s what really matters to me !!! „🙂


What is a reproduction?

Reproduction of my original artwork is an alternative way to touch my art. It is a  high quality print with eko ink on canvas that is stretched on a wooden stretcher, just as the original picture. My partners are extremely good team of professionals who carefully prepare the image for reproduction so that the variation in color and contrast ratio are minimal. Any reproduction is treated with a special protective varnish that protects the colors of izsivyavane and transmits gloss image, further it closer to the original paint layer. Each copy has the same frame as the original, which aims to ensure that in practice the effect is the same as the authentic picture. All this makes reproduction a wonderful way to bring style and uniqueness to your interior or to surprise a loved one. This option is suitable for decorating the interior of hotels, restaurants and office buildings (especially when time and money are key).

Why reproduction?

The main reasons are two. The first is when the original painting is now owned by someone else. Practice the west, and more recently in our country is replication of the original paintings. When several different galleries want to have the same picture in exposure, producing high quality copies is an excellent option. Often visitors do not even suspect that monitor reproduction. With the advancement of technology it is easy and affordable. Another reason people choose reproduction is that the price is much lower than that of the original picture. Not everyone can afford an original hand-drawn picture and the price for some people often seem high.


Guarantee of authenticity

Unlike most of the paintings, which are marketed, my pictures are circulated only by me and my explicit consent. Personally responsible for the quality of each print run of my work. Reproduction is labeled by myself and accompanied by signature and stamp. At the customer’s possible to issue  a certificate of authenticity of the work  or  receipt of purchase (invoice).

How to order a reproductions?

To order the drafting of a reproduction of my artwork is necessary to choose one of the pictures that are on this page. Decide what will be the size that you want to copy (50/70 cm. or 35/50 cm.) and contact to me . The price is 150 euro for 70×50 cm. and 100 euro for 35×50 cm. The reproductions are framed and ready for hanging. Everything is included except  delivery . Print copies takes at least 3 working days (unless not available). If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact me. I’d be glad to help!  🙂



„My goal is for people to find in my paintings their own message. Personal interpretation is the most valuable and unique thing for me. It is important not what I want to present, and what each person feels deep in his soul … „

"Memories of the Future" - reproduction

„Memories of the Future“

"The relationship between them" - reproduction

„The relationship between them“

"The warmth of a smile" - reproduction

„The warmth of a smile“

"Missed opportunity" - reproduction

„Missed opportunity“

"When you really need" - reproduction

„When you really need“

"To feel the support"

„To feel the support“

"The power of trust" - reproduction

„The power of trust“

"The road to understanding" - reproduction

„The road to understanding“

"In eternity" - reproduction

„In eternity“

"Sympathy" - reproduction


"Always together" - reproduction

„Always together“

"Intoxicating embrace of loneliness" - reproduction

„Intoxicating embrace of loneliness“

"Humility" - reproduction


"Gentle touch" - reproduction

„Gentle touch“

"In the name of Hope" - reproduction

„In the name of Hope“

"Breath of freshness" - reproduction

„Breath of fresh ‘

"Silent hope" - reproduction

„Silent hope“

"The magic of this" - reproduction

„The magic of this“

"Hunch" - reproduction


"To believe real" - reproduction

„To believe real“

"Finding the real reason" - reproduction

„Finding the real cause“

"Lost Valley" - reproduction

„Lost Valley“

"On the Road of Dreams" - reproduction

„On the Road of Dreams“

"Sincerity" - reproduction


"Passion and yearning" - reproduction

„Passion and yearning“

"Sacred River" - reproduction

„Sacred River“

"Summer freshness" - reproduction

„Summer freshness“

"Memories of the Past" - reproduction

„Memories of the Past“

"Revelation" - reproduction


"The belief in a dream" - reproduction

„The belief in a dream“

"Magic Morning" - reproduction

„Magic Morning“

"Faith and trust" - reproduction

„Faith and trust“

"Uncertainty" - reproduction


"Lake of oblivion" - reproduction

„Lake of Oblivion“

"Hot peace" - reproduction

„Hot peace“

"Let's turn back to the past" - "reproduction

„To turn your back on the past“

"On the threshold of reealnostta" - reproduction

„On the threshold of reealnostta“

"Spring freshness" - reproduction

„Spring freshness“

Whiff of tenderness - reproduction

„Whiff of tenderness“

"Acts of Passion" - reproduction

„Majeure passion“

"In the quiet solitude" - reproduction

„In the quiet solitude“

"Lake Memories" - reproduction

„Lake Memories“

"In search of the answer" - reproduction

„In search of the answer“

"Their final embrace" - reproduction

„Their final embrace“

"When memories return" - reproduction

„When memories return“

"Deep in the mind" - reproduction

„Deep in the mind“

"The delicate flavor of love" - ​​reproduction

„The delicate flavor of love“

 "Finding the real reason" - reproduction

 „Finding the real cause“

"The end of a long journey" - reproduction

„The end of a long journey“

"Aspiration" - reproduction


"Made for each other" - reproduction

„Made for each other“

"Moment of peace" - reproduction

„Moment of peace“

"To aspire to dream" - reproduction

„To aspire to dream“

"Enlightenment" - reproduction


"Clear mind" - reproduction

„Clear mind“

"To feel their presence" - reproduction

„To feel their presence“

"Silently Waiting" - reproduction

„Silently Waiting“

"Secret Ritual" - reproduction

„Secret Ritual“

"Nezavisimo of everything" reproduction

„Nezavisimo of everything“

"To rediscover yourself" - oil on canvas 70x50 cm.„To rediscover yourself“

"Insight" - reproduction


"Looking forward to tomorrow" - reproduction

„Looking forward to tomorrow“

"To feel its warmth" - reproduction

„To feel its warmth“

"The End of a new beginning" - reproduction

„The End of a new beginning“

"Last summer day" - reproduction

 „Last summer day“

"A New Beginning" - reproduction

„New beginning“

"To believe in yourself" - reproduction

„To believe in yourself“

"Illusion" - reproduction


"The hidden secret" - reproduction

„The hidden secret“

"Multiplication doubt" - reproduction

„Multiplication doubt“




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