All my oil paintings are painted with oil paint on linen. The oil technique is extremely durable and attaches great density of the image. Oil, unlike acrylic, allowing much greater saturation and give the typical topography of the picture. The colors remain rich and vivid over time. Not accidentally oil painting is preferred by many collectors. If necessary, the paint layer allows wipe it with a damp cloth. All pictures painted in oil, ensuring durability and density of the image.



Almost all the paintings that are drawing on canvas in horizontally format 50 of 70 cm. A similar type of composition creates a sense of calm at the viewer, as opposed to the vertical option. The outer frame adds even 10 cm. To each side of the picture and so the overall size and becomes 60 to 80 cm. A similar format was able to master the excellent space of a standard wall.


The canvas is stretched on a special subframe, which allows for further stretching of the cloth if it has allocated from moisture or other changes in temperature. All paintings are framed and ready for hanging. The outer frame is a wonderful option between price and quality. Made from special PVC foam, which unlike the wooden frame is not deformed by moisture and is much lighter. If the frame you do not like, you can change it at any time with each other. Keep in mind that as a framework helps a picture look better, or it can hurt and if it suits the image and color.

Images of my oil paintings

All photos of my paintings you will see on this site are specifically processed by myself in order to get close as possible to the original color and contrast of the picture. Setting up your monitor and different lighting (artificial, white or yellow light) also influence the way in which you see the picture in color and contrast ratio. For precisely this reason I offer the option to return my picture if for some reason you do not like. More about this on „Prices and delivery.“

  Guarantee of authenticity

  At the customer’s possible to issue a certificate of origin and authenticity of the work and receipt of purchase (invoice) . For more information contact me.


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